Out of the Ashes

The Adventure Begins

Join Dorian as she seeks out the threats to her village. Discover hidden treasures, dark secrets, and powerful runes.

Explore various landscapes, descend into dungeons and caves, and fight enemies in this story-driven adventure game.

Will you become another victim of the dragon, or will you emerge victorious…

Out of the Ashes


This is an adventure game with RPG elements. We are currently in development and plan to release in 2023.  Join our Discord community to follow our progress or be eligible for testing early versions of the game.

You can also follow us on Twitter or YouTube for updates.

Game Developers: We’re currently looking for programmers, 3D animators, 2D artists, and UI designers. This is a hobby project. The credits below show all contributors, not just our active, core team. Contact Cory on our discord server if interested in joining. Thanks.


Trailer showing our progress

In-game screenshots:

The white hair below is from an older development model. Dorian will have brown hair.

Testing goblin character animations:


Final goblin sculpt:


Final dragon sculpt:


Main character concept sculpt:



Team Lead Cory Petkovsek
Writer Josh Sheppard
Writer Cory Petkovsek
Lead Programmer Cory Petkovsek
Lead Programmer Jake Young
Programmer Lennard Fleischer
Programmer Yonatan Attali
Programmer Carlos Ramos
Programmer Loïc Chen (陳明佑)
Programmer Matt Sampson
Programmer Matti Niskanen
Lead 3D Artist Max Kahle
3D Artist Agustina Lusky
3D Artist Samuel Jona Bravante
3D Artist Kevin Crompwell
3D Artist Ervin Kent Cezar
3D Artist Gael Fernandez
Level Design Andrew Smock
Level Design Cory Petkovsek
Game Design Kelvin Autenrieth
Sound Design Lawrence Kendrick
Music Sadao Enoki

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