A high performance, editable terrain system for Godot 4

Free, open source, actively developed


  • Written in C++, while mesh processing is done by the GPU for the highest performance
  • Up to 16k x 16k world divided into 1k x 1k regions (have multiple islands without paying for 16k^2 vram)
  • Up to 32 texture sets using albedo, normal, roughness, height
  • Up to 10 Levels of Detail (LODs)
  • Geometric Clipmap Mesh Terrain, as used in The Witcher 3. See System Architecture
  • Foliage instancing
    • Imports heightmaps from 3rd party tools
  • Designed as a GDExtension plugin, which works with official builds of Godot Engine
  • Can be accessed by GDScript, C#, and any language Godot supports
  • Free and Open source



Game Development

Use Terrain3D in games using the Godot Engine. We are. Out of the Ashes is our game showcasing the plugin.

GIS Applications

Terrain3D can import heightmaps and satellite images for GIS visualization.


We have a growing community of gamers and game developers using Terrain3D to build games. We have a number of contributors working to improve Terrain3D for all.

Join us on discord.


Terrain3D is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. Download the latest release, then read the Installation instructions.

Tutorial Videos