Pre-Built Godot Engine Binaries w/ Voxels & FastNoise

2021 Update: These are a bit out of date, but still fine to try out an old version of voxel tools and see if it’s worth building the engine yourself with the newest version. I’m currently working on Out of the Ashes, so don’t plan to update a new version until that is released.

This page has my custom binaries for Godot Engine built with the modules I use and develop on. All binaries have been built with the official Godot build environment, except for Windows which were built with MSVC.

These binaries allow you to use these modules without compiling them yourself.


Below the downloads, you’ll also find my voxel demo and tutorials for use with these binaries.

Modules included


Godot Downloads

Click a version to expand the section.

>> Version 3.2.2rc – March, 2020

3.2.2rc+cd8d43 Notes Date Download
Windows/64 3/28/2020 25mb
Windows/32 3/28/2020 24mb
Linux/64 3/27/2020 30mb
Linux/32 3/27/2020 31mb
OSX/64 3/27/2020 30mb
Export templates Win/Linux/OSX/HTML5/Android/IOS 3/28/2020 375mb
Windows/64 3/28/2020 51mb
Windows/32 3/28/2020 49mb
Linux/64 3/27/2020 62mb
Linux/32 3/27/2020 63mb
OSX/64 3/28/2020 56mb
Export templates Win/Linux/OSX/HTML5/Android 3/28/2020 458mb

Build notes:

  1. Only Windows and Linux have been tested. Let me know if the other builds or export templates work or not.
  2. Mono + IOS or UWP are not supported by Godot. I haven’t built the regular UWP template yet.
  3. Voxel Tools does not work on HTML5 (due to lack of threading support).
  4. FastNoiseSIMD does not work with: HTML5, Android x86/x86-64 (ARM7/8 OK). IOS does not build with the NEON instruction set. It’s unknown if it works with any of the other SIMD levels. Compare against regular FastNoise and see if it’s any faster, or call get_simd_level() and see if you get a number higher than 0.

>> Version: 3.2 Alpha – November, 2019

3.2.alpha+4569f5ec8 Notes Date Download
Windows/64 11/6/2019 26mb
Windows/32 11/6/2019 26mb
Linux/64 11/13/2019 28mb
Linux/32 11/13/2019 29mb
OSX/64 11/6/2019 30mb
Export templates Win/Linux/OSX/HTML5* 11/13/2019 147mb
Windows/64 11/13/2019 51mb
Windows/32** 11/13/2019 51mb
Linux/64 11/13/2019 58mb
Linux/32 11/13/2019 59mb
OSX/64 pending
Export templates Win/Linux 11/13/2019 148mb

Build Notes:

  • *Voxel Tools doesn’t work with HTML5.
  • **Win32 + mono does not work with Win64.


Voxel Demo

To make voxel games with these binaries, I recommend these steps:

  1. Download the newest appropriate binary above.
  2. Download my demo. Due to the continually changing nature of development code the master branch may or may not work with these binaries. The versions below are known to work. Click the commit below, then clone from there:
    1. March 2020 binaries: commit
    2. November 2019 binaries: commit
  3. Watch the tutorial video below.
  4. Read through the written documentation (the version accurate for these binaries) or the newest version for the master branch (which has newer features not in these binaries).
  5. Review the troubleshooting section below.


Voxel Tutorials

How To Use Voxel Tools


Voxel Troubleshooting

Godot has reached the end of the scene file

This occurs because the build of Godot you are using does not recognize the objects named in the scene file. The .tscn is just a text file, so you can open it in notepad.

If you open a VoxelTools scene in a regular build of Godot you’ll get this error because Godot doesn’t recognize the “VoxelTerrain” or “VoxelLodTerrain” classes.

You might be using the old binaries with the new demo, and classes have been renamed. You can try manually renaming the classes in the text file. In Godot, press SHIFT+F1 for help and you can search for class names built into that binary.

For instance, at one point the class VoxelStreamNoise was renamed to VoxelGeneratorNoise. The scene file wouldn’t open, but by opening the scene file in notepad and manually changing the name, we were able to open the file.

I don’t see any voxels

This is almost always because of a mismatch of settings. Work has been done to eliminate or at least warn when settings won’t produce any results.

For blocky, you need a Voxel Library. Your stream needs to be set to a channel of TYPE.

For smooth voxels, your channel must be set to SDF.

If you haven’t done so already then watch the tutorial video above which shows you exactly how to use it. Also, review the written documentation.

Zylann’s demos are generally out of date, so avoid those.

Something else

If there’s another issue you’re having, open an issue on the appropriate repository:

You can also leave a comment below, especially if it’s about these binaries and whether they work or not. I’d like to know.

15 thoughts on “Pre-Built Godot Engine Binaries w/ Voxels & FastNoise

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Make sure you’re running the right 32/64 bit version for your OS. The command below shows my system is 64-bit. 32-bit would say something like x86, i386, i686.

      $ uname -i

      Otherwise, perhaps you need to install some dependencies like opengl or sound libraries. Post the output of ldd so we can see what is missing:

      $ ldd godot_3.2+4569f5ec8_x11.64

  1. TassuP Reply

    Linux version not working here either. Running from cmd gives me this error:
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29′ not found (required by /Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64)

    Same thing happens for both 32 and 64 bit versions. Godot 3.2 official beta1 runs fine though…

    The ldd command gives this:
    ldd Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64
    ./Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29′ not found (required by ./Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64)

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Indeed my libc is 2.29 which was released in January. The current is 2.30, released in August. Have you done updates for your system? I imagine every distro has a newer version by now. It’s likely called libc6, but might be called glibc or just libc and will likely have other dependent packages attached. Just do auto-updates but also look for libc6 specifically. What distro and version are you on?

      • TassuP Reply

        Hi, thanks for the reply. I investigated this and you’re right. Seems like my system is a bit out of date, despite being the latest Linux Mint 19.2 with all updates installed. The problem seems to be that it’s based on Ubuntu 18 LTS (Bionic Beaver), which uses GCLIB 2.27.

        I guess I could mess around with the packages or compile Godot with voxels myself. I might even change distros, not sure yet what I’ll do. But I’ll get this working 🙂

        • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

          I’ve just uploaded new versions using the official build environment. Linux is now compiled against glibc 2.14 so should work for you.

  2. Okan Reply

    One word greatç Can you make things collapse after some hit on the voxels?

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Currently, the voxels are static objects with collision. They don’t move, but other objects can collide with them.

  3. Eric Reply

    I can’t compile (export) the project for windows… missing: “export template manager”, on pre-builts.

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Did you download the export templates and install them? They are required to export. Also exporting is not compiling.

  4. Tarun Reply

    I tried downloading the prebuilt binaries for linux and it gave this error :

    /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26′ not found (required by ./Godot_v3.2.2rc+cd8d43_x11.64)

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Upgrade your libstdc++6 package to one from gcc 9 or later.

  5. Bill Temple Reply

    for all the crazy noobs and lay people who like me are wadding into deep waters without a life vest.
    Cory informed me that I needed to install gcc-9
    I found this website ….
    with these instructions …
    sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/gcc-9.0
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install gcc-9

    BUT remember you must follow this up with an update and an upgrade

    Now, Cory’s binary starts properly
    And, now I can drive myself further insane trying to build my game

    I hope this advice helps


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