Godot Engine Binaries Pre-Built w/ Voxel Tools

Below you’ll find binaries for the Godot Engine compiled with Zylann’s C++ Voxel Tools module. They have been built from either the stable or master branches of the repositories as of the date listed.

I recommend reading through the documentation and starting with my demo project. If using the binaries below, use this specific commit. If you’re compiling the master branch of Voxel Tools yourself, use the master branch of my demo.

The 3.2 version is recommended. In my experience, they are generally as stable as 3.1 and have held up under severe abuse, but work better with Voxel Tools and provide more features. This build is from a couple of days before 3.2 beta 1 came out.

Update 2/13/2020: Zylann just released a new mesher implementation, Transvoxel. Many artifacts have been fixed. Also, Godot recently finalized 3.2, and merged Vulkan into the master branch, and I’m experimenting with FastNoise. I plan to release new binaries with Godot 3.2, Zylann’s Transvoxel, and my FastNoise patches in the next couple of weeks.

Notes Date Download
3.2 alpha 4569f5ec8
Windows/64 11/6/2019 26mb
Windows/32 11/6/2019 26mb
Linux/64 11/13/2019 28mb
Linux/32 11/13/2019 29mb
OSX/64 11/6/2019 30mb
Export templates Win/Linux/OSX/HTML5* 11/13/2019 147mb
3.2 Mono/C# alpha 4569f5ec8
Windows/64 11/13/2019 51mb
Windows/32** 11/13/2019 51mb
Linux/64 11/13/2019 58mb
Linux/32 11/13/2019 59mb
OSX/64 pending
Export templates Win/Linux 11/13/2019 148mb
3.1.2 stable 34d4c2e
Windows/64 11/2/2019 21mb
Linux 11/2/2019 59mb
OSX Contributed by Vinicius Guerrero 11/5/2019 33mb
Export templates pending

*Voxel Tools doesn’t work with HTML5.

**Win32 + mono does not work with Win64.


How To Use Voxel Tools



7 thoughts on “Godot Engine Binaries Pre-Built w/ Voxel Tools

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Make sure you’re running the right 32/64 bit version for your OS. The command below shows my system is 64-bit. 32-bit would say something like x86, i386, i686.

      $ uname -i

      Otherwise, perhaps you need to install some dependencies like opengl or sound libraries. Post the output of ldd so we can see what is missing:

      $ ldd godot_3.2+4569f5ec8_x11.64

  1. TassuP Reply

    Linux version not working here either. Running from cmd gives me this error:
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.29′ not found (required by /Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64)

    Same thing happens for both 32 and 64 bit versions. Godot 3.2 official beta1 runs fine though…

    The ldd command gives this:
    ldd Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64
    ./Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.29′ not found (required by ./Godot_v3.2+4569f5ec82_x11.64)

    • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

      Indeed my libc is 2.29 which was released in January. The current is 2.30, released in August. Have you done updates for your system? I imagine every distro has a newer version by now. It’s likely called libc6, but might be called glibc or just libc and will likely have other dependent packages attached. Just do auto-updates but also look for libc6 specifically. What distro and version are you on?

      • TassuP Reply

        Hi, thanks for the reply. I investigated this and you’re right. Seems like my system is a bit out of date, despite being the latest Linux Mint 19.2 with all updates installed. The problem seems to be that it’s based on Ubuntu 18 LTS (Bionic Beaver), which uses GCLIB 2.27.

        I guess I could mess around with the packages or compile Godot with voxels myself. I might even change distros, not sure yet what I’ll do. But I’ll get this working 🙂

        • Cory Petkovsek Post authorReply

          I’ve just uploaded new versions using the official build environment. Linux is now compiled against glibc 2.14 so should work for you.

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